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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 15, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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driver's seat. they believe the blood is of his girlfriend from an incident that happened friday night. >> domestic violence incident that occurred in santa rosa on friday night involving our deceased and his girlfriend. we don't know at this time if that incident is related to what occurred here or if there was some or factors involveed. >> he was the suspect in the domestic violence. investigators say she was the victim. they say she is not a suspect in his murder. they have talkd to her and they have cleared her. they don't know who killed him. they are looking for clues. he was killed soon after the domestic dispute. they say the two have a history of domestic violence. investigators are not releasing his name at this time and will not say how he was killed.
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>> breaking news from the north bay where authorities confirm the body pulled from the creek last night was 23-year-old from novato who was missing since december 14 when police say he dove into the truck after being stopped on suspicion of d.w.i. a search turned up nothing until the body was pulled last night around 8:00. breaking news from oakland where crews are mopping up after a house fire. it started at 9:00 this morning. we were overhead as flames burned through the roof. thick smoke could be seen for quite a distance. it took an hour to knock the fire down. investigators are looking into a suspicious fire that destroyed an abandoned pier this morning with crews responding in crockett near jackson avenue near the c&h sugar plant at 3:45
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the firefighters let the fire bun itself out. a crew fought from the water. here is the pier before it burned. it is suspicious because there is no electrical wiring on the pier. >> santa clara sheriff is investigating a fatal accident in cupertino when a woman was killed. the woman was walking and hit by a big rig after 7:00 near cupertino road. no word on the identity of the woman or if the truck driver will face charges. >> we have new details on a tanker that hit the bay bridge. the pilot made a last-minute turn before passing under the bridge. our media partner reported the pilot planned to follow the yellow line but changed lanes to cross near yerba buena island island. it clipped a tower causing millions in damage. investigators say there was fog and a swift current at time. a navigation beacon on the
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bridge may not have been working. the 61-year-old pilot, guy kleess, tested negative for drugs and alcohol. in washington, dc, president obama is looking at recommendations on the gun control task force which have not been made public. the president is expected to present them to congress tomorrow. they are expected to include banning assault weapons, eliminating the capacity of am mission magazines and instituting universal background trucks. the n.r.a. say they will fight any ban on weapons. >> here is a like look at a gun buyback that opened a few minutes ago in marin city with a few people there. the buy back at st. andrew's presbyterian church is one of five locations across marin county where people can turn in their guns, no questions asked. anyone turning in a handgun, rifle or shotgun receives $200. the boy back is open to residents of marin, sonoma and
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san francisco. folks must show documentation of where they live to get 9 buy back cash which continues until 8:00 this evening. after weeks of speculation facebook has a new feature in an invitation-only event at the headquarters. abc7 news reporter is live in the newsroom with details. katie? >> business and technology reporter is inside facebook right now tweeting the big announcement. zuckerberg has unveiled a new search feature. this is a picture of the announcement taken by our reporter who is inside. television news cameras were not allowed inside. this is video released by facebook. the feature is called a graph search which is describes like this, combining phrases like "my friends in san francisco who like mexican food" and you find that set of people, places,
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photos or other con content that has been shared and you can mine the billion users, 240 billion go toes and 1 trillion connections. it allows users to connect with their friends easier and it would probably keep people on facebook longer. we will look at facebook stock from, the shares are down slightly at this hour but that is not necessarily because of this the announcement. the earnings will be out at the end of the month. the search is in the early phase of development and they are rolling out the beta version today and will ask for feedback and will ask for full implementation the coming months can you go do for updates on this feature.
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>> katie, thank you. still ahead, new details on what disgraced former cyclist, lance armstrong, told oprah winfrey and the new legal troubles armstrong could face. a plan in the works do rename san francisco international airport after a gay rights pioneer. what a supervisor wants for a
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>> lance armstrong is coming
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clean. oprah says she was riveted by parts of the tell all interview and now new troubles for the disgraced cyclist who denied doping until now. we report on that story. >> lance armstrong denied it for years. adamantly. >> i have never doped. >> i have never taken performance enhancing drugs. >> now he is coming clean. >> in an interview with oprah winfrey that will air on her network he confesses to doping. today, winfrey said the interview was difficult. >> he did not come clean in the manner i expected. >> was he contrite? >> she would not say. >> i felt he was thoughtful. he was serious. >> armstrong was a legend for the success on the road and in the fight against cancer but the legacy towns -- turns to ruin after an extensive report by the
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antidoping agency stripped of the seven tour de france titles and banned from the sport for life. one teammate and former friend, one of the first publicly accuse him of doping. >> he admitted to doping is a very good first step but it has to be followed up. >> that is the key question. will armstrong name names? cycling reporter said armstrong said in july he would never confess and now he wondered what prompted the change? >> lance armstrong has been about a couple of things. one, domination. the other is control. >> armstrong may have to pay back millions in endorsement money. there could be no price tag to repair the damage he has done. >> the san francisco supervisor plans to introduce legislation today to rename sfo after gay civil rights leader harvey milk.
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the supervisor wants the measure on the november ballot to call it harvey milk san francisco international airport. he was the first openly gay personnel elected to public office in the united states when he won a seat on the board of supervisors the he was assassinate add year later along with the mayor mascone. our meteorologist is off, mike nicco, but frances is here with a slightly warmer forecast. >> slightly warmer. more sunshine. i will have the temperatures coming up and show you what they are in the next report. here is a like view: beautiful skies. boy, though, it is cool. we are still hacking on -- hangg on to 30's. >> dozens are lined up to get help during the cold snap. >> and the familiar duo on the cover of the latest
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> every trick was pulled out for the citrus growers after
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another frigid night. some set small fires to generate heat. temperatures warmed slightly but they remain below the freezing mark at 32 degrees fahrenheit. one group reports the navel crop is okay but some suffered damage, those that are more vulnerable. there is a big impact on the homeless population. this morning there is a helping hand. now like to sacred heart community service in san jose. >> kristen, sacred heart just finished giving out 100 backpacks to homeless would lined up here this morning. it is a program they do twice a month. they give out backpacks filled with personal care items but there was a special inclusion: fleece blankets, a tool against the fight and the bitter cold. >> thank you very much. >> the appreciation is echoing throughout sacred heart
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community service in san jose this morning. 100 homeless people who have been suffering in the bitter cold the last few nights have salvation in the little backpacks. >> it has been a cold winter this year. this bag is terrific. >> they are filled with toiletries for men and women, underwear for people of all sizes and flannel blankets. >> it is hard. i am grateful. they help us with food and clothes. >> this give away happens twice a month, on the 1st and 15th. when you receive one you are not eligible for three months but this is just a fraction of what they do year round. their close cost its serves 300 to 350 families each day. you can take five articles of clothing for each person in the family and invaluable service provided by generous donors.
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>> very important especially for people that are growing so fast you think how expensive coats are. we have seen too many with light jackets and runny nose. we want everyone to leave warm. >> that story from san jose. you can see the need is great. for a lot of folks the warmup cannot come soon enough. >> it is on the way. we will creep up slowly into the 60's but now we can enjoy sunshine. we will take you back outside. beautiful like shot from the roof camera look out toward the bay bridge and the east bay, clear skies, a few high clouds but lots of sunshine for everyone and we will then head over to mount tamien and what you will notice: calm winds, and the tree tops are barely blowing south to san francisco and parts of the bay. we will show you live doppler 7 hd showing clear conditions, as well, as it creeps around the
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bay area, no moisture to pick up. now, that will be the story for the week. temperatures are finally into the 40's. we were just in the 30's in oakland and concord the past hour, but the new members came in right after 11:00 so we updated then and here we are, now, in the 40's, finally. 47 in san jose, 48 in mountain view. we also saw 30's in the last hour in parts of monterey bay but santa cruz is getting up to 41 degrees but it is still cold. this is what you normally expect the low for the morning. it will be slightly warmer today. it will not be as chilly. you notice the trend continuing into the weekend where we will see much milder numbers for temperatures for highs during the day and overnight lows, as well. this morning, this is a preliminary number, san francisco had a low of 40. that was the mildest spot.
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we had a lot of 20's in the bay area. 26 in fairfield. napa county airport is at 20. concord and livermore, chilly at 28. today we will warm up into the mid-50's. we will be a few degrees compared to yesterday. some upper 70's, and 54 in san francisco. 57 in oakland. 56 in san jose. upper 50's around santa cruz. 68 in salinas. compared to average we are getting closer. in oakland, about average for today. other areas just a few degrees below. tonight, we will not see so many 20's but fairfield at 28. it will still be chilly but numbers more in the 30's and 32 in napa, and vallejo and concord. san francisco at 41. we will see warmer weather because we have high pressure building over the pacific. this will bring milder air into the weekend.
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you will like the accweather seven-day outlook: sunshine all seven days. still chilly tomorrow morning but not so cold. we will climb into the 60's starting tomorrow. low 60's on thursday and friday. mid-60's this weekend. a light cool down on monday. >> "normal" will feel down right balmy. >> in sports there are very few dreams: one is young folks want to play in the pro's and another is to be on sports illustrate. the 49ers starting quaterback is on the cover of one magazine. check out the lower left corner, they cut out a picture of a shouting coach harbaugh and wrote a caption "shout it from the mountain top." jim, you dead on about him.
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>> 49er fans are ready for the championship game against atlanta and they showing us their fan photos. here is a cat that is all set for the matchup on sunday. ihere is a baby getting an early start with 49ers fever. you can e-mail the fans to and we will post them at and show as many as we can on the air. >> google is sharing their creative process with school children in the doodle for google process with the theme of "my best day ever." here are past winners including two from the bay area. this out are space seen from south san francisco by mateo won two years ago. the sunrise landscape by grace if castro valley was the first winner back in 2008. katie couric is a celebrity just this year.
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if you didn't catch jimmy kimmel like you missed a fun time. he offered a solution for the president's dilemma on the debt ceiling. >> the final press conference was held this morning and he talked about the debt ceiling announcing if congress doesn't work with him and raise the debt ceiling america will go into default on the loans and we might have to sell florida. so, take goodbye to nanna and papa. >> you can see jimmy kimmel at the new time following the abc7 at 11. >> and the story behind a baby panda high five that
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>> on the 4th anniversary of the miracle on the hudson, "sully" sullenberger joins katie couric for a great day and reunited with the passengers he saved in the incredible emergency landing on new's hudson river. >> of all people to be piloting that day, thank god, sully, it was you. sometimes i get on a plane and i am like, sully? anybody named sully on this plane? >> i appreciate that. when i travel as a passenger i have people recognize me and they say i feel better knowing you are here. >> we feel the same way, too. that is katie at 3:00 and you can hear more right here on abc7. on abc7 news at 4:00, a hand's on lesson, high school students get an opportunity to touch and study a whale. on abc7 news at 5:00, the number
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of people who turn to the internet rather than a doctor for a medical diagnosis. those stories and more at 4:00 and 5:00. if attitude is everything, we can all learn something from this little guy. check out this newborn panda cub who looks eager to greet the world. this photo was snapped after the cub was weighed, measured and fed at a chinese conservation center and a smile or a wave or just a lucky paw in the right place at the right time but that picture is viral and that is th]
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[cheers and applause] >> hey, everybody! how are you? >> so good to see you again. >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. back with me today is an attorney that immigrated to the u.s. from afghanistan who wants to use her winnings to start her own firm, which will focus on immigration law. from woodbridge, virginia, please welcome dee anwari. dee, welcome again. >> thank you. >> yeah, you--you immigrated from afghanistan with your family when you were just three years old, right after the soviet invasion. >> right, so i was very young. so i don't really remember being in afghanistan, but still i'd like to start my own law firm, be my own boss, and help other immigrants--recent or, you know, kind of formerants--gr immigrants--get their citizenship and kind of live the


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